Stand Out With Coding Skills-- Four Reasons You Must Learn Programming

In the face of rapid digitization in all disciplines, we need more than just academic qualification to compete favourably out there. Today’s competitive world is looking for passionate problem solvers. People who can tackle problems with confidence and find effective and efficient solution to them.

Coding is not just a skill but the hottest profession in today’s digital age. The good thing is that, you don’t have to be a computer science students to code. In fact the digital age is even pushing for everybody to learn how to code and the campaign has already started in other parts of the world.

1. Coding Extends Your Critical Thinking And Logical Reasoning Capability

One of the things you will find yourself doing when you learn to code is to solve problems by developing pieces of computer software to effect those solutions.

Whilst on the project, you will have to break down the whole project into workable pieces, coding each functionality one after the other.

You will reach points where it becomes very difficult to find solution at the moment, but long hours (of sleepless nights and constant pondering over the problem) will finally enable you find the solution.

This doesn’t just boost your critical thinking but also stretches your brain cells to develop new capabilities getting ready to meet harder problems in future.

If I could do that, you can do this too. It also gives you confidence to tackle problems that could be left unsolved.

If you watch carefully, you will realize there are a lot of waste in our Ghanaian system. The solution lies in critical thinking. If only we can think critically to find solution to wastes, we can go far and you must be that change driver.

2. Programming Makes Things Easier For You At School And In Your Career.

When you complete school and join the workforce, you will testify as always testified by your seniors out there. Human Resource (man hours) is wasted in a lot of institutions in our country doing repetitive tasks.

Imagine, yourself writing same report every year whilst, you can just write a simple program and key in the necessary figures to generate the same reports.

Imagine a school accountant going through the cumbersome process of writing students bills when he can just generate same from a computer system.

Imagine teachers filling in simple score templates, and Terminal Reports of students is generated automatically with cumulative records and performance analysis ranked.
It is beautiful to use computers to do things faster and easier for us. But it needs us to write codes to do those things. You don’t have to code for living, but having the skills of programming will help you greatly in your office and your entire life.

No grain saying, if you know how to code, you will learn Data Analysis software packages to enable you analyze your own data for your project work.

3. Programming Inculcate The Spirit Of Resilience In You

When you learn to develop software, you begin to see solution in problems. The normal complains of others becomes an opportunity for you. Your brain cells start to function like that. After acquiring the skills of programming, when you encounter a problem you start envisioning the possible ways to solve it. You may even foresee good results that others don’t see. And more importantly, no matter how hard the problem seem, you become determine to act on it. You become a solution-driven individual.

A Software Engineer has to think critically and logically about a problem to find the best algorithm for it. Once you start learning how to code, you will learn that, you have to fail and fall many times but you cannot stop until you find your program working.

You will automatically stop giving up on other difficult situations in your day-to-day life as well. You start trying over and over again. You become patient because you know there is always a solution. It just needs some more effort, just like it happens when you create a program, runs it, and debug it several times to reach the perfect solution.

Programming is powerful. Even if you know just the basics of it, you can imagine a lot of solutions and can work to solve your problems if not the problem of the world. Learn programming to feel the confidence of tackling societal problems and the hard determination to find absolute solutions to them. It’s amazing to learn to code!

4. You Can Build The Next Big Thing To Employ You And Your Colleagues.

It has always been my passion to do something real and tangible. So when I had the chance to pay for extra tuition to learn the basics of web designing in 2010, I didn’t hesitate at all. I developed in 2011 to enable lecturers share their lecture notes to students. It didn’t become big though, but compliments from some lecturers and TAs were splendid even though I had few discouraging statements from some people.

When I completed, I had few contracts to build software, some of which are currently used by some clients to manage MicroFinance companies, Senior High Schools to process Terminal Reports and manage students Database and by Shops to manage inventory and process transactions.

It might not be big overnight but with persistence and resilience, my breakthrough will come.

The Author:
Thomas Jeffrey
Training Instructor
JeevesPassion Software Engineering Training Center
Okponglo Traffic Light-University of Ghana, Legon

Last modified on Thursday, 24 August 2017 21:22
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