Peptalk With NativeDr, NII: Clash Of Ceteris Paribus Vs Carpe Diem:- A Piece On Priorities

While I fought hard to get my degrees, my blackened brother died like a hawk punked from the tree top-off he went!

While I shuffled the shifts of my two-three jobs, my youthfolks hanged themselves and took in cyanide-off they went! 

While I lusted for little pleasures, souls whispered their very last; gazing at a sun they were not clothed to meet.

While I clogged my mind with catching up with others lives, my rollies; cronnies; boys; family; kids and body-bodies kept languishing in jails; held back by drugs and torn apart by torturing liquor.

While I slept in my couch, basked at a feast of meat, bathe in my honey-pool jaccuzzi, another destitute folk passed by and passed on; one other child left home and never came back. Plus, one more teen threw himself down the hill with no parachute at his rear.

While I gave a f**k about the things that mattered least, the list of casualties tagged to my lifes assignment kept growing "taller" 

Damn, my brothers bodies littered the naked floor; nailed to the clawless ground by bullets and cuffs.

With iron curtians and wire meshes, their charred remains were blackmailed and denied their last respects. 

No mercy shown, they were drown in the river that holds molten hot frowns

Now, no more here,

Gone for good from a world too rude.

Here from there they wave,

Because there from here we learn how and why they so behave!

Fare thee well

Rest in peace

Soldiers of the ROYAL Call






#Retire Before 40 peptalk

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Nii Dartey

I am Shadrack Akrofi-Quarcoo (a.k.a. Kwabena Dartey). I am a trainee ‘Philosopher, Transformational Speaker, Author, Poet, Song writer, Teacher and Visionary.’ I hold First Degree in Economics/Philosophy from University of Ghana, Legon, Postgraduate certificate in Project Management from Graduate Institute of Management (GIM), and Certificates in Finance & Financial Markets, Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and N.G.O Management from Cambridge Centre of Excellence (CCE).

I am the founder/Coach of the Gold Empire Foundation (GEF). I have had useful experience working with development oriented organizations as the United Nations (UN), African Rights Initiative International (ARII), Forever Living Products (FLP), Enterprise Life Assurance, just to mention a few.

My field of interest in my speaking/ creative writing career is in HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT (HCD). Through my Speaking, Teaching, Writing and Coaching career, I have helped several hundred YOUTHS to reach varying levels on the critical path of Human Capital Development. The critical path involves: (I) discovery (ii) developing (iii) maximizing (IV) Deploying or using, their endowments, talents/skills and abilities.

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