The test of life is not so much in the extent of loss, as in, the expense in cost(selah).

The best of life is not so much in the first in line, but, in the rest made divine(selah).

When the rains stop,
The dirt gather
The mud shudder
The drowsy long thick droplets scatter.

...and so, the old man spoke breathlessly, saying: "Ah, and when and where did we loose touch so fast to have tripped so far..!!??

While I fought hard to get my degrees, my blackened brother died like a hawk punked from the tree top-off he went!

KAKADI-ARMAA (translating as "Octopus" in English; a favorite delicacy of many)

Just as the Octopus with its many arms/fingers represents diverse interest, encapsulates diverse backgrounds and reflects diversity, so also the soul that seeks to drown in the well of wisdom must radiate the diverse shades of life's lights.

...if "Agamemnon" and "Hercules" had known these, then, 'Paris' and 'Troy' would have been preserved; and yet still, the carnage lingers on long after they've 'gone'.

For (to me at least) it seems,...

Mama, I am sorry. The little darlings slimy heart papped

For, deep within her soul, against the hopes of her shinny dream, she seemed overwhelmed.

"...Male and Female, created He them..." (Genesis story from Bible)

....the story continued!

For what once used to be a breastless chest, now had become a chestless breast


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