Free SHS: A Sham Or Reality?

I have always believed that for Ghana to truly live up to the ideals and vision of the founding father Dr. Kwame Nkrumah that “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked to the total liberation of Africa,” the masses must be educated. This statement was true and relevant at the time of independence and even more relevant today.

The National Science and Maths Quiz NSMQ has been able to capture the hearts of Ghanaians, in the way and manner only the Blackstars were able to, and I would like us to think and reflect on these issues suitable for this moment before the fire dies out.....

Is the NSMQ meeting its objectives? One may ask, what are the objectives after all? Is it for mere competition or for fun or to shape and direct focus at improving the competitiveness of those schools that don't put up any appreciable competition.

As a youth in my twenties, I sometimes feel so worried and grieve immediately a fellow youth sharing the same age is been jailed to spend couple of years in prison custody.

The youth are the hope of our future as a country as they says. It is sometimes impossible to fathom or understand when our generation which lie in the bosom of the young are capsizing by criminalizing and jailing.

Effective and efficient institutions are built on the figurative legs of programs and operations departments.

Similarly, countries and communities are built on the foundational pillars of human capital and non human capital/infrastructural development.

A brief piece on "why" you must determine, prepare & participate in the historic event.

As we approach the 60th independence day anniversary of our dear country (Ghana), many issues confront us in thought, and indeed, in reality.

"Nothing grows in its VALUE unless it has (communal/collective) UTILITY." -Anonymous

The potential of mankind to live as rational beings is one most amazing blessing. The rationality of man aids in decision making and problem solving. As a lecturer in both Problem Solving and Decision Making, I came to terms with the meaning of introductory quote "NOTHING grows in its value unless it has (communal) UTILITY".

We live in a society where citizens are not ready to face the consequences of their actions and inactions, yet they do what they ought not to do and absent from doing what they are obliged by law to do.

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