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  1. Former innovation director and principal technical strategy advisor at Microsoft, Adrian Clarke, is the latest tech star to join forces with Modex (www.Modex.tech), the UK based blockchain firm developing a global first smart contract marketplace.

    In the wave of tech executives leveraging experience and know-how as advisors to promising start-ups in the blockchain revolution, Clarke’s pioneering work in the development of the Microsoft app store, lends proven muscle to Modex. "A world-class marketplace for smart contracts is exciting and I believe Modex has the perfect solution to deploy smart contracts in key industries" Clarke says. "Not only is it a great proposition, the Modex team has a huge amount of passion and a cooperative, cohesive style that will enable them to overcome obstacles. That's what has sold me," he adds.

    The Modex team is building the platform to enable companies to deploy a range of smart contracts in the real world. Although the company has generated enthusiasm from the financial services and e-commerce sector via its social payment product Moneymailme (payroll, P2P, inter-bank, etc.), Clarke believes the marketplace's ability to deploy smart contracts will resonate with the open source software development community, in-house enterprise developers, development teams in local government, software vendors, software integrators, and the extensive Microsoft Development Network. "These communities will be among the first to benefit from the Modex smart contract marketplace," he states.

    Modex CEO Mihai Ivascu, 29, lauds the appointment of Clarke due to his "wealth of knowledge in the technical and management space at Microsoft. His track record in fund-raising for technology companies of our size and above is unparalleled and we are delighted to have him on board." 

    Clarke agrees that the key to success for blockchain applications is "the creative ways the marketplace empowers people to work, live, and connect with a new layer of collaboration and cross-border inclusiveness. Collaboration is a big part of the Modex platform offering," says Clarke.  Modex goes beyond smart contracts. According to Clarke "it is a toolset that will enable people to set up collaborative trustless structures between existing business models. Collaboration without giving away core proprietary information is a huge innovation." 

    Clarke's capacity to identify key adopters of the marketplace is instrumental. Companies and organisations which are in a "fast-moving, transactional competitive environment" he says will move first, citing transportation, logistics, and deliveries. To that he adds "organisations that need to analyse continually-changing data sets in order to extract business intelligence from them." Prime examples are internet search companies who find it difficult to share their information selectively, and "smart city" initiatives, where municipal governments are organizing logistics, transportation, and the distribution of energy for greater efficiency.

    "The Modex marketplace," Clarke says "is perfectly adapted for this kind of selective sharing."

    Clarke’s appointment comes ahead of Modex’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) pre-sale, and follows Google’s Onur Bildik, who joined the team earlier this week.

    The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace will be launched through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), allowing contributors to buy utility tokens, which will give them access to the marketplace. The date of the pre-sale for the ICO is 28th November 2017.

    Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Modex.

    Media Contact:
    Mihaela Becheru
    Head of Communications at Modex

    About Modex
    Modex (www.Modex.tech) is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects.
    Modex makes deployment of Smart Contracts significantly easier, faster and more cost-effective, speeding up blockchain technology adoption.

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  2. Ghana Rugby (www.GhanaRugby.org) ended 2017 on a high note when it received notice from its governing body, Rugby Afrique, that it has been promoted from the Africa Regional Challenge Division to the 2018 Rugby Africa Bronze Cup.

    In the announcement letter to Mr Herbert Mensah, President and Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby, the President of Rugby Afrique, Mr Abdelaziz Bougja, stated the request for promotion by the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) was positively received.

    Bougja said the promotion came as a result of considering the good performance of Ghana Rugby in the Regional Challenge 2017 and the new status of Ghana Rugby Union as a full member of World Rugby.

    He also said that contributing factors were the suspension of both Cameroon and Nigeria Rugby Unions and the impossibility to organise a final of the Regional Challenge between Lesotho and Ghana Rugby Africa.

    In a statement from Mensah in London, he said that he was grateful to the Exco of Rugby Afrique for recognising the achievements and efforts of Ghana Rugby to help with the development of the Game in Ghana and indeed in the rest of Africa and the World.

    It was a memorable year for Ghana Rugby in more than one way.

    In April-May 2017 Ghana successfully hosted and won the Rugby Afrique Regional Challenge West 1 between Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo.

    Immediately after the tournament, World Rugby awarded Ghana Rugby Full Membership that meant that the Union could for the first time apply for investment development funds and, more importantly, be considered for tournaments that will lead to eventual qualifiers for World Rugby and other global competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

    In October 2017 Ghana was drawn to compete in the 2017 Africa Men’s Sevens Tournament in Kampala and managed to get ranked for the first time on Rugby Afrique’s log.

    The promotion to the Rugby Afrique Bronze Cup came on the eve of the opening matches of the 2017/18 Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) that is scheduled to kick off on Saturday 25 October in Cape Coast.

    Mensah also expressed his appreciation to everybody who played a vital role in the memorable achievements of 2017.

    “It is always a difficult task to say, ‘Thank you’. Everybody who took part in Rugby in Ghana must be acknowledged and congratulated. Firstly my appreciation goes to the players, coaches, match officials and administrators who all sacrificed in many ways to make the last three years memorable.”

    Mensah also said that the many volunteers and supporters who made contributions in kind or otherwise are vital cogs in the machinery of Ghana Rugby. He also invited them to get even more involved in the years to come.

    He continued to say, “a particular word of thanks must go to our sponsors who have made contributions in the spirit of unwavering faith that Ghana Rugby will make them and the country proud.

    There are too many to mention but I will neglect my duty if I don’t mention the following companies and individuals: World Rugby and Rugby Afrique, Olympic Solidarity and the Ghana Olympic Committee, Mr Hayssam Fakhry of Interplast and Inesfly, Mr Tim Callaghan of the Panafrican Group, Mr Paul Kavanagh of the Golden Tulip Accra Hotel, the Gino Brands, eVerpure, Accra Breweries Limited, Paloma Hotel, our many media partners and the individuals who made contributions from scarce resources in our many fundraising challenges.”

    Mensah said that the memorable achievements would require even more support and more resources as Ghana Rugby intends to put in bids to host the continental 15s and 7s tournaments in 2018.

    “Ghana Rugby’s achievements on international levels are Ghana’s achievements. We are representing the country, and we hope and pray that our governing bodies will also come forward and meet its commitments and promises to support us, and indeed other minority sports, in 2018.

    Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ghana Rugby Football Union.

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  3. Africa’s largest cement Company, Dangote Cement Plc yesterday added fillip to the on-going efforts at economic emancipation of Africa when it formally opened its 1.5mtpa capacity cement plant in Mfila, Congo Brazzaville, amid ecstasy by the government and the indigenes of the Country.

    The new plant estimated at $300 million has potentials for about 1000 direct employment and thousands of several other indirect jobs.

    Copyright free broadcast-quality footage is available for media to download here: http://APO.af/uX2RbY

    This material is offered for free and unrestricted news use.

    B-roll also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-d8-UY0AjN4

    More information: http://apo.af/AUHDTu

    Distributed by APO Group on behalf of APO Group - Video Production.

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  4. The complex dilemma of how to power Nigeria dominates politics and economics, yet hundreds of thousands of people are discovering the answer is to literally take power into their own hands.

    This week, the Lumos (www.Lumos-Global.com) Mobile Electricity Service deployed its 60,000th Y’ello Box, an at-home solar electricity device that lets users gain access to reliable electricity at an affordable price. The Lumos service is combining the power of the sun and your MTN mobile phone to bring a new type of power to Nigeria.

    This significant milestone means more than 300,000 people right across Nigeria are now benefitting from affordable, reliable, clean electricity, thanks to the Lumos Mobile Electricity service ability to unleash the power of the mobile.

    Mobile phones have transformed the way we spend our daily lives. In fact, a recent report declared Nigeria as the ‘world’s most mobilized country’ (http://apo.af/qD8dM5) with more mobile traffic than any other nation. With more and more mobiles, they not only drive our demand for more accessible and reliable power, but they can also help provide the solution.

    Lumos Mobile Electricity Service operate in partnership with MTN. Once MTN customers have joined the service, they pay their monthly subscription fee for power from their MTN’s mobile phones air account by texting a simple code. There’s no need for mobile money, bank accounts or expensive machines. This is quick, easy, affordable, quiet and clean.

    Mr. John Stephen Akpan, a farmer from Lagos State who purchased the 60,000th system said:

    “The Y’ello Box is making a big difference. I was using a noisy, polluting generator, but now that Lumos has arrived, my farm has been transformed instantly.   

    “I was surprised at how easy and quick the installation was, and that I was able to start using it straight away.”

    Yuri Tsitrinbaum, CEO of Lumos Nigeria said:

    “The mobile revolution has transformed our need for power, and the mobile electricity service is also going to be a significant part of the answer.”

    “The Nigerian economy will thrive if we give people the power they need to succeed. We cannot wait, and we need put power in everyone’s own hands.”

    “At Lumos we have built a unique system that uses groundbreaking technology to harness the energy of the sun, capture and store it, and release it thanks to your mobile phone.”

    “The energy mix in Nigeria is a complex issue which we all need to work together to solve.  We believe we have created something fantastic that is bringing power to people’s homes and businesses like nothing else before.”

    Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Lumos Global.

    Media contact:
    Louis Wilson

    About Lumos Global:
    Lumos (www.Lumos-Global.com) brings affordable, modern and clean electricity to communities that have been living off-grid.

    Lumos connects the dots between the mobile payment revolution and solar energy through its patented, self-deployable solar power system, with integrated cellular payment and advanced security mechanisms. With Lumos, households in the off-grid world can replace generators, candles, and flashlights with modern electricity that can power lights, cellphones, fans, laptops, TVs and other small electronic devices, and all for less the cost spent today on generators - on a lease to own basis, subscription via the mobile phone.

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  5. Africa’s largest cement Company, Dangote Cement Plc (http://APO.af/mCqnZz) yesterday added fillip to the on-going efforts at economic emancipation of Africa when it formally opened its 1.5mtpa capacity cement plant in Mfila, Congo Brazzaville, amid ecstasy by the government and the indigenes of the Country.

    The new plant estimated at $300 million has potentials for about 1000 direct employment and thousands of several other indirect jobs.

    Undoubtedly the biggest plant in Congo, its President, Mr. Denis Sassou Nguesso while inaugurating the plant said the investment was an industrial revolution, sort of, within the Economic Community of the Central African States (CEMAC), saying his country was happy to host the investment.

    According to him, his government has observed the operations of Dangote cement in other African countries and it has helped buoy their economies by sparking off other allied industries expressing the hope that Congo situation would not be an exception.

    The Congolese President described the coming on stream of the Dangote cement as timely and encouraging because it is starting operations at a time the total government revenues have plummeted by 31.3 percent and revenues from the oil sector have fallen 65.1 percent since 2015 due to a slide in global crude prices.

    President Mohammadu Buhari who was represented at the event by a powerful delegation led by the Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. Kayode Fayemi commended Alhaji Aliko Dangote and his Cement Company for championing economic renaissance of Africa with the construction of cement plants across several African countries saying the sterling accomplishment makes the Dangote Cement brand, and indeed Aliko Dangote himself, worthy ambassadors of Nigeria.

    President Buhari said his government has consistently supported and encouraged the Dangote Group (http://Dangote.com) in its quest to contribute its quota to the economic emancipation of the African continent, which is blessed with a plethora of natural resources. “I believe that it is only home-grown practical solutions that can address the myriad issues plaguing Africa today and one of such challenges that Africa has been grappling with for decades is the infrastructure deficit. I am confident that massive investments in cement production, which is a key driver of infrastructural development, will contribute in no small measure, to addressing this perennial problem.”

    President Buhari recalled with satisfaction that local cement manufacturers such as Dangote Cement, Lafarge and BUA, have exploited one of the solid minerals, limestone which is a basic input for cement production and which Nigeria has in abundance, in different parts of the country to achieve self-sufficiency in local cement production in 2015, and is now a net exporter of the product.

    “The backward integration policy of the Federal Government in the cement sector, which was launched in 2002, has contributed to this success story by successfully substituting imports with local production, we have saved over $2billion spent on cement importation into Nigeria, annually.  

    “We have also started using cement for road construction in the country due to its numerous advantages over the more common bituminous road. Again, in this area, Dangote Cement is leading the charge, through AG-Dangote, its joint venture with Andrade-Gutierrez, a construction giant in Brazil”, Nigeria’s President stated.  

    Chairman of Dangote Cement Plc, Aliko Dangote in his address said his company was delighted to have completed the plant on schedule saying the addition of Dangote Cement’s 1.5 million metric tonnes per annum plant has more than doubled the total cement production capacity of Congo-Brazzaville, which now stands at 2.550 million metric tonnes per annum, far in excess of national demand.

    “It is envisaged that this will contribute substantially to the availability and affordability of cement in the country and the Republic of the Congo will no longer need to depend on imports to bridge the gap between demand and supply. 

    “It is our hope that the inauguration of the plant will boost Congo’s economy, conserve foreign exchange that would otherwise have been spent on imports for the country, and create employment opportunities down the value chain.”, he stated.

    Dangote commended the Congolese government noting that the bold economic reform measures put in place by President Denis Sassou Nguesso administration have been quite salutary. “The construction industry, which is a major sector of the economy, is a beneficiary of his policies, and has been receiving the attention of investors. We believe that our investment will contribute to Congo-Brazzaville’s current economic renaissance under the leadership of the President Nguesso.” 

    The Company Chairman pointed out that his organization received tremendous support and encouragement both from the government and the people of Congo-Brazzaville, right from the conceptualisation stage of our project, to its final completion, and commissioning.

    In appreciation of the good gesture of the government and the people, Dangote disclosed that without waiting to stabilise production, the Cement company had already commenced CSR projects with the construction of a road with a length of 30km around Yamba, which would have cost the local government approximately 240 million CFA to execute.

    He stated further “we have also disbursed scholarships for students and we are also building a school and renovating a hospital within our host communities. Apart from these, we have repaired a dilapidated bridge on a major highway at a cost of $300,000, to enable heavy duty vehicles to cross the bridge. As a policy, we also ensure that we give priority to qualified indigenes from our local host communities in our recruitment drive.”

    Dangote told the gathering that Dangote Cement total production capacity across Africa at the end of May 2017, stood at 45.8 million metric tonnes per annum, making it one of the biggest cement producers on the continent adding that the aspiration is to rank among the top 10 cement producers in the world by 2020. 

    Dangote cement commissioned its cement plants in four African countries namely: Ethiopia, Zambia, Cameroun and Tanzania. The Congo-Brazzaville plant, which began operations in the third quarter of 2017, will be the fifth cement plant that would be inaugurated in the last two years.

    Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Dangote Group.


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