Wellsprings Of Inspiration With #PEK: WORLDS APART… Yet The Heart Overflows With Hope

The air blows for all alive to breathe and so does the pasture exist for grazing. One would expect that uniformity, equality and egalitarianism would have been the underpinning philosophies behind the distribution systems of these resources.

However, experience has shown clearly that the air is fresher in some areas than others and the pasture is greener than those in other places. Is it a good thing? No! Has it been so designed by God? No. Why then is it so?

In creating man, God gave each and everyone of us the power of choice. And those choices define us and craft our futures for us. Are some people victims by virtue of the circumstances of birth? Yes and No. Yes, because they have no control over where they’re born and the family they’re born into. No, because no matter the situation, we have within us all the ingredients to change our undesirable circumstances. Self pity only takes us further down the abyss.

On a ride through Lagos earlier this week, I had a brush with the cold reality of two worlds: the world of the hustlers leaving in squalor and that of the burgeois, enjoying the goodies of life. The sharp contrast between Ajegunle and Victoria Island, Lekki, is very much akin to that of Chorkor and East Legon in Accra, Ghana.

How can this divide ever be bridged? Speaking to the individual or personal approach, it will need uncommon doses of hope, self belief, rare determination and an abiding faith in God to change stories for good. Is it possible at all, or it is just blind or unchecked optimism? The fact is, the world is replete with grass to grace stories.

Let us engineer our breakthroughs from the breakthroughs of others.


Paul Edem Kuenyefu is a celebrated itinerant inspirational speaker, author and business consultant. As a development enthusiast, he is so passionate about climate change roll back. He is the author of TO THE ZENITH and CRITICAL LENSES.

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Paul Edem Kuenyefu

Paul Edem Kuenyefu is an itinerant international inspirational speaker and writer. He is the CEO at Ultimate Renaissance, globe trotter at Conference Speaker, Writer, Business Strategist and Executive Chairman at Jeevesware Ltd.  An avid follower of climate change, he desires to see this negative occurrence rolled back. Edem is a development enthusiast and the author of two books, TO THE ZENITH and CRITICAL LENSES.

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