Wellsprings Of Inspiration With #PEK: The Elongated Tusk

That which was and that which is must feed into that which is to be. When left to the devices of happenstance, expectations become but illusions that degenerate into frustrations.

I pondered, reasoned and imagined: 10 years from now; when #Ghana_@70 is being celebrated, how will my Ghana, your Ghana and OUR Ghana be like? I thought long and hard and one thing I am sure of is that : IF WE WORK WITH COMMITMENT towards REAL INCLUSIVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, it shall happen!

Two main catalysts to that desired level are:


Be a real expert at what you do. Forget about certificates and submit yourself to practical, hands-on learning. Know everything there is to know about your field. Then use that knowledge to drive and engineer innovation that empowers many. Know your area of expertise to the extent that when woken out of sleep, you'll do a marvelous job when called upon. The Indians and Lebanese in Ghana, most of them don't have degrees. At best, they have certificates. What they have invested in, is in-depth practical knowledge in their fields (electronics, building technology, spraying, etc). Ask questions, challenge existing norms (outdated ones), attend trainings and conferences, commit to continuous learning, meet experienced colleagues, be responsive to change, and always think of a better way.


When we talk about leadership, people immediately take their mind to the political class and positional leaders. That is where we get it WRONG. LEADERSHIP starts with the SELF. If Ghana will see the needed Transformation we desire, it will be an AGGREGATE of transformational leadership on the personal level. How well do you lead yourself? What about that role in the Youth Ministry in the church? That SRC role, how well are you able to impact lives? That Directorship in that company, how have you contributed to the rise in fortune of that company? How effectively have you managed the affairs of that school? These bits and pieces come together to make the whole; that desired outcome.

Yes, the political class have a role to play, but they are just a small COG in a big MACHINE. You and I hold the greater power of transformation. Lets Arise, and Let our Lights Shine. We are the SALT of the Land.

My mouth has fallen!

Last modified on Thursday, 16 March 2017 08:07
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Paul Edem Kuenyefu

Paul Edem Kuenyefu is an itinerant international inspirational speaker and writer. He is the CEO at Ultimate Renaissance, globe trotter at Conference Speaker, Writer, Business Strategist and Executive Chairman at Jeevesware Ltd.  An avid follower of climate change, he desires to see this negative occurrence rolled back. Edem is a development enthusiast and the author of two books, TO THE ZENITH and CRITICAL LENSES.

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