HR Focus: Personality Types For Careers (THE HOLLAND CODE THEORY)

Today on HR Focus, I would like to share something interesting I discovered on the internet. So in my quest to find a Masters program that perfectly matches my interests and passions, I took a test that revealed my personality profile.

The Test is based on RIASEC personality characteristics, a theory about personality types for careers, called the Holland Code.
The Holland Codes or the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC) refers to a theory of careers and vocational choice (based upon personality types) that was initially developed by American psychologist John L. Holland (1919-2008), Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University.

RIASEC is an abbreviation for Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Lets now learn more about the six different personality types:

1. Realistic (Doers)

People with this main characteristics are independent, stable, persistent, practical, down -to -earth, physical, athletic and mechanical. They can think straight and they do not hesitate before doing something.

They prefer "things rather than ideas or people. They love being outdoor, using tools, operating machines, interacting with animals, and working with their hands." They also value the natural, concrete, and tangible.

Sample majors and careers include: Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineer, Agriculture, Anthropology/ Paleontology, Architect, Astronomy, Carpenter, Chef, Chemistry/ Chemist, Computer engineering/ Computer Science/ Information technology/ Computer programmer, Dance, Dentist, Engineer.

2. Investigative (Thinkers)

People with this type of personality are intellectual, curious, methodical, rational, analytical and logical. They want to know a lot about the world around them and they ask a lot of questions and they love solving problems and investigations.

They prefer "tasks that are scholarly, scientific, technical, or medical and activities that involve thought, observation, investigation, exploration, and discovery. They like to solve problems, perform experiments, and conduct research.

Sample majors and careers include: Actuary, Archivist/ Librarian, Carpenter,
Chemistry/ Chemist, Computer engineering/ Computer science/ Information technology/ Computer programmer, Counsellor, Dentist, Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Economics, Engineer, Finance, Lawyer,
Mathematician, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physical therapy.

3. Artistic (Creators)

People with this type are creative, intuitive, sensitive, expressive, unstructured, original, nonconforming, innovative, spontaneous and open minded.

They are eager to create new things, something beautiful and have an impact on the minds of many people with their creations.

They prefer to work with ideas, abstractions and concepts. They also enjoy work that is literary, verbal, visual, and
aesthetic and excel in art, music, dance, drawing, painting, sculpting, drafting, writing, drama, communicating, design, fashion.

Sample majors and careers include:
Architect, Broadcast journalism, Clergy, Chef, Counsellor, Dance, Fashion design, Fine Artist, (including Painter, Sculptor and Illustrator), Graphic designer, Interior design, Model, Musician, Park Naturalist, Psychology/ Psychologist, Art therapist/ Dance therapy/ Drama therapy/ Music therapy, Public relations, Photographer, Teacher, Technical writer, Trainer (business), Web developer.

4. Social ( Helpers)

This type of people are kind, generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathic and friendly. They find it important to help people and they value working with others a lot.

They prefer tasks that involve socializing, helping others, and teaching, teamwork, social interaction, relationship building humanitarian, educational, philanthropic, interpersonal, and service-oriented.

Sample majors and careers include: Archivist/ Librarian, Clergy, Community Organizer, Counsellor, Customer service, Dentist, Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Economics, Education (Teacher/ Counsellor/ Administration), Firefighter, Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Teacher, Foreign Service/ Diplomacy, Human Resources, Lawyer, Nurse.

5. Enterprising (Persuaders)

People who have a stronger feature of this type are adventurous, ambitious, assertive, confident, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, dominant, persuasive and motivational.

They become good leaders, they are good in engaging with people and inspiring them to follow them.

They are not afraid of taking risk and playing the main role in what they do.

They prefer work that involves, leadership, business, politics, public speaking, being in charge, taking risks, debating, and competing.

Sample majors and careers include: Actuary Architect, Business, Buyer, Chef, Clergy, Customer Service, Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Educational administration, Entrepreneur, Fashion design Finance, Foreign Service/  Diplomacy, Firefighter, Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Teacher.

6. Conventional (Organiser)

This type of people are the people who are logical, efficient, well organized, thorough and detail oriented.

They are careful and like to give structure to what they do. Practical tasks, quantitative measurements, structured environments are the fields they are good at.

They prefer work that involves accounting, statistics, mathematics, numerical activities, and office settings.

Sample majors and careers include: Accounting/ Tax advisor, Actuary, Archivist/ Librarian, Carpenter, Chemistry/ Chemist, Computer engineering/ Computer science/ Information technology/ Computer programmer, Customer service, Economics, Educational administration, Engineer.

So based on the answers I provided to the test, my strongest personality seems to be Social, Enterprising and Conventional and my Career Expert thinks I should study International Relations, International Development, Hospitality, Leisure and Sports and Journalism and Media.

It is very important to know your personality profile and match your profile with your area of study and your career.

If you want to find out your personality profile go to studyportals and take a free test.

This is HR Focus, Read On, Prepare for the Job Market.

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