HR Focus: On The Career Path- The 7Ps

Last week, you had an exciting read on choosing our career path based on passion. The article was an eye opener for me and I hope it was helpful to you my wonderful readers.
Today's article focuses on seven nuggets (7Ps) for a successful career path.

Take a read:

1. Purpose

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt describes “purpose” as striving to get the right relationship between yourself and others, between yourself and work and something bigger than yourself. If you get these relationships right, a sense of purpose emerges. Purpose redefines your passion and connects you to something bigger. So on your career path, find your purpose, get the relationships right and excel in your chosen career.

2. Picking

Picking involves evaluating a buffer of options and making clear headed choices that expands your career. Picking means making the right choices. Learning the difficult things. Sometimes you have to say “No”. Most of us do not know how to say no, but saying no is a skill worth acquiring on the career path.

3. Practice

After you have discovered and developed interest in a particular area, you must devote yourself to practice. Practice is essential, it means doing it over and over again. Practice zero’s in your weaknesses and leads to mastery. Remember, practice makes perfect.

4. Planning

A plan is based on real data and real world options. Optimism is wonderful when it comes to passion and dreams but you have to ask the hard questions based on real world dimensions. Instead of asking what could go right? Ask what could go wrong? Plan SMART, your plans must be specific, achievable, realistic and time bound. On the career path, planning is a virtue.

5. Positioning

Positioning is the battle of the mind, how others see you and how you see yourself. Marketers are very concerned with their positioning strategies, because it is a key to business success. In the same light, personal positioning is a key to career success. Positioning is not to create something new or different but to manipulate what is already up there in the mind to retie connection that already exist. Position yourself as an authority in your chosen field of work, acquire relevant skills, tools, resources, knowledge, take risks and grow or expand. Positioning is that key that makes sure you are ready when opportunity strikes.

6. Peripheral

Peripheral is about establishing an unwavering curiosity to use your existing knowledge in uncovering new patterns and trends both for the sake of your personal development as well as the success of your career. Peripheral requires objectivity (the ability to see things as they truly are). This means cultivating curiosity, asking questions like “what am I missing, what am I ignoring? Adopting a peripheral focus forces us to examine margins and widen our view. Be curious about new industry trends, new job opportunities, promotions and technological breakthroughs. Read books, articles and journals to satisfy your curiosity and widen your view.

7. Perseverance

Be a student of perseverance, learn from your mistakes. Perseverance guarantees success. On your career path, jobs may be lost, relationships ended, promotions delayed and denied but if you do not give up, things will be better. This is HR Focus, Read On, Prepare for the job market!!!

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