HR Focus: Innovation

Today's business environment is rapidly changing. The business environment requires innovators. Global market conditions and new technologies constantly forces us to become innovative.

Most successful businesses we celebrate today are innovations of young people. Talk of the social media Mogul Mark Zuckerberg.

Innovation is key, the job market requires innovative people who are able to turn their creative ideas into new products, services, and processes.

Creative and Innovative ideas spring up in the minds of the youth. They are able to think of new things. But the challenge is how to turn such ideas into reality.

Below are some ways to become a great innovator:

A. Always write down your new ideas in plain words

B. Have a strong sense of ownership for your idea

C. Have a desire to implement your idea

D. Commit time, energy and other resources to your idea

E. Be ready to experience setbacks as you implement your idea.

According to Peter Drucker, every organisation- not just business -needs one core competence: innovation.

Dare to be an innovator, all those ideas that spring up in your mind now and then are seeds for a great business.

University affords you the opportunity to learn, think and implement your ideas.

Focus on your innovative prowess and develop yourself into a great innovator because innovation is the key to career success and entrepreneurship.

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Credit: Harvard ManageMentor.

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