HR Focus: Building Your Career

The previous episodes of HR Focus has been an eye opener for us all ( me inclusive). We all have learnt a lot over the past months. But today I want us to look at how to build your career. When you graduate from school, what next?

In Ghana and other African countries, graduates are to serve their countries under the mandatory National Service Scheme ( we will discuss National Service later). I strongly believe that the National Service Scheme is the greatest job opportunity one could get after school. It is the first official appointment letter you will get as a graduate in Ghana and other African countries.

Most people are deliberate about where they do their National Service, others just leave it to chance. My personal experience on the job market has taught me that, it is not wise to leave your National Service to chance.

Most graduates who got good placements and excelled at their jobs as national service personnel got retained and are now building their careers steadily.

Those who just left their options to chance and did not work hard during their one year mandatory national service are the ones who are faced with the harshness of the already choked job market after school.

One may ask how do I get a good posting?

Volunteerism and Internships are great avenues of getting a good national service posting after you graduate. Internships give you the opportunity to work with institutions you would want to work with in the future.  So when you graduate, the institution may request of the National Service Secretariat to post you to them. Research the job market, ask questions, enquire from those who graduated ahead of you.

Know what you want out of your one year mandatory National Service, serve your country diligently and whilst at it, work hard and be visible, volunteer to do other things if you are asked to. Build good networks and lobby to be retained.

Do not leave your career to chance, be deliberate about it because there is nothing frustrating than coming out of school without a plan for your career.

This is HR Focus, Read on, Prepare for the job market.

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