Nii Dartey

Nii Dartey

I am Shadrack Akrofi-Quarcoo (a.k.a. Kwabena Dartey). I am a trainee ‘Philosopher, Transformational Speaker, Author, Poet, Song writer, Teacher and Visionary.’ I hold First Degree in Economics/Philosophy from University of Ghana, Legon, Postgraduate certificate in Project Management from Graduate Institute of Management (GIM), and Certificates in Finance & Financial Markets, Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and N.G.O Management from Cambridge Centre of Excellence (CCE).

I am the founder/Coach of the Gold Empire Foundation (GEF). I have had useful experience working with development oriented organizations as the United Nations (UN), African Rights Initiative International (ARII), Forever Living Products (FLP), Enterprise Life Assurance, just to mention a few.

My field of interest in my speaking/ creative writing career is in HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT (HCD). Through my Speaking, Teaching, Writing and Coaching career, I have helped several hundred YOUTHS to reach varying levels on the critical path of Human Capital Development. The critical path involves: (I) discovery (ii) developing (iii) maximizing (IV) Deploying or using, their endowments, talents/skills and abilities.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I Turned, I saw, I said…

But none bothered

I forged forward, I braced my mind to face the hardship, I endeavored to stand strong

Would this also pass for another opportunity to POSTPONE?

Christmas is come and Christmastime is soon gone

Day is come and gone, and, night has all too soon taken over

Christmas... a time of the year filled with cheers and pleasantries

Moments when friends and family collaborate to 'altogether' commemorate

The diameter of a choice extends beyond the boundaries of informed & even presumed logic

Decisions are cultivated in the bedroom of self introspection

Varied on form, but deliberate in essence

Butterflies are beautiful creatures

Usually colorful and lovely to watch while they fly

But did u know butterflies weren’t born that beautiful???

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